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BFOREVER High Quality

How does it works

BFOREVER High Quality was created to allow investors to bet on the rarity of the most precious commodity of the world. It’s a basket of diamonds to replicate the market price trend of highest quality diamonds used by the most important jeweler or collectors.

These categories are defined “high quality” diamonds because they include highest quality characteristics used by leading jewelers in the world. Considering the purchase of diamonds from basket BFOREVER High Quality must be remembered that these diamonds, while achieving considerable positive performance, are not characterized by strong liquidity being destined to a niche people and remember that only a real demand of the goods purchased may ensure its resell.

The logic of BFOREVER High Quality is based on:

  • the strong increase of high-income individuals in emerging countries;
  • the demand rising emerging markets jewelry;
  • the physiological shortage of diamonds in the best quality.

The offer to the public of the categories of diamonds is based on a rigorous historical analysis of the prices.

BFOREVER® is the first service in the world to choose and physically buy diamonds selected for you with the logic and the accuracy of a financial instrument only from € 1.000.

Excellent cut is actually the most requested quality!

The trend of BFOREVER High Quality represents the historical price data trend weighted for homogenous categories of diamonds, that consist in:

• Weight: from ct. 0.50 to ct. +10,00;

• Clarity: only GIA FL-IF;

• Color: only GIA from D to G;

• Cut: only GIA Triple Excellent.

Risques et preformances passèes

Best suited for

This kind of diamond is suitable for those who want to own best quality diamonds and that plans to sell no earlier than 10 years after purchase. Physical possession of diamonds don’t expose you to the risk of losing capital. Diamonds are priced in US dollars then the value at the time of the sale may be subject to the risk of the change rate between the Euro and US dollar.

Performance 10 years in €
Performance 10 years in $
Risk degree
Liquidity degree

*Past performance is not indicative of future result.

Fees, prices, minimum purchase

Diamonds are not subject to any tax or government tax after purchase, but, in addition to marketing costs, they are subject to VAT and these charges could reduce the potential growth of the value of your purchase and a positive return is achieved only after a positive performance that beats at least these charges.

A positive performance realized in the last years by BFOREVER High Quality !

The maximum amount paid by our client – including our commissions and marketing costs – never exceeds the Rapaport diamond price + VAT.

When it’s possible, we are able to offer some diamonds below the Rapaport official list price.

In presence of advisor we are ready to show the cost structure to allow him to pay the most of their advice.

The minimum amount to buy diamonds from basket BFOREVER is € 1,000.

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